Next Show: “Dad” on Thurs March 10

The March edition of Talk Therapy Stories + Open Mic is all about Dad. Bring your daddy issue stories to the open mic because we want to hear them! As always, the show is at QED: A Place to Show and Tell. Doors open at 7:00 and the show starts at 7:30. And get your tickets in advance—it’s just better that way.

This month I’m excited to feature our opening comic and two stupendous storytellers, who will dismay and/or delight you with tales of their daddy issues:

Comic Rob Shapiro

Rob Shapiro PhotoRob is a legend of the underground comedy scene and tours the country as The King of New York. He costarred in the film Somewhere in the City with Sandra Bernhard, and has appeared in various FX dramas and Discovery Channel shows. You can see Rob, an (almost) recovered bad boy at most major comedy clubs in the tri-state area.

Julie Threlkeld

julie photoJulie is a storyteller and the producer and host of Modern Stories Mix, a storytelling podcast. She also runs New York City’s most comprehensive calendar of storytelling and storytelling open mic events. Her own stories have been featured on the RISK! show and podcast and too many shows to count. In her spare time she plays lead guitar in a band called No Hitting.

Cammi Climaco

Cammi 72ppiCammi is an artist and storyteller. She’s been on podcasts and shows. She’s been in exhibitions across the country. She was the co-host of Ask Me Stories with David Crabb. She fundamentally dislikes the word “Boss.” And also “Tummy.” She thinks wearing glasses is the worst. Her solo show Ends and Beginnings and Ends and So Forth and So On premiered in December 2015. Follow her on Twitter.


And You?

You?Come put your name in the box for a chance to tell your own 6-minute, true story about mental health. And if it’s somehow related to Dad? Bonus! Either way, you’ll get a cookie.

Next Show: “Scared” on Thurs Feb 11

Head over to Q.E.D.: A Place to Show and Tell in Astoria for the first themed edition of Talk Therapy Stories + Open Mic on Thursday, February 11. This month you’ll hear Scared stories and have a chance to tell your own true, 6-minute story at the patented Talk Therapy Stories Open Mic™.

We start at 7:30. Sign-ups for the open mic start at 7:15ish. And it’s all only $5. Get your tickets now.

Here’s our line-up:

Comic Lindsay Goldwert

Lindsay is a stand-up comedian and freelancer writer. She’s appeared at Continue reading “Next Show: “Scared” on Thurs Feb 11″

Next Show: Thursday, January 14

Join us at the new year’s very first Talk Therapy Stories — as always at QED: A Place to Show and Tell in Astoria (get your tickets right here). After having missed the last two shows (November: sinus infection; December: stomach flu, thanks for asking), I’m looking forward to being back on that stage. I’ll be telling a story, but first, you’ll hear from one of the funniest women I’ve ever heard: Continue reading “Next Show: Thursday, January 14”

Next Show: November 12 + the End of Daylight Saving

At 2:00 a.m. on November 1st it’ll suddenly be 1:00 a.m. and Daylight Saving Time will be over. That’s great news if all you want out of life is an extra hour of sleep, but that time shift robs my dopamine- and serotonin-starved brain of sunlight for five long months.

I’m greatly conflicted about this. While I adore autumn weather, I abhor the earlier gloom. My impulse this time of year is to curl up, hunker down, and weep until spring. But today I’m fighting the impulse! My SAD lamp and the Hamilton cast recording are both cranked up and I’m heading out for a short run momentarily (the NYC Marathon is on November 1, too, but that’s another story), but not before I amaze and delight you with this month’s lineup. Get your tickets right now, because you do not want to miss this show. Continue reading “Next Show: November 12 + the End of Daylight Saving”

Next Show: Oct 8 + Free-Floating Anxiety!

As I type this, I’m having a bout of free-floating anxiety. That means I’m feeling anxious, but I’m not sure why. Please don’t tell me to breathe — I don’t have time for that nonsense.

Anyway, get your tickets for the next Talk Therapy Stories + Open Mic right now, because you do not want to miss this show. Here’s why: Continue reading “Next Show: Oct 8 + Free-Floating Anxiety!”

Next Show: Sept 10 + Back to School

Greensburg Salem Senior High School
My high school alma mater, class of ’80.

For me, fall, not spring, has always been the season of fresh starts. Summer’s wraparound heat and humidity smothers me. I’m sick of air-conditioning (too cold or not cool enough), sticky sweaty skin (don’t you fucking touch me), fruit flies in my kitchen, gaggy odors, and 100°F subway platforms. Fall is crisp breezes, open windows, a good night’s sleep, plaid skirts, tights … and back to school season, which is the theme of this month’s open mic. If you have a school-related mental health story, come share it with the class. I have a few. Dozen. Maybe I’ll talk about the traumatizing experience of getting my period in eighth grade while wearing white painter’s pants. Or the time my third-grade teacher called me “piggy.” Or when I won the “I can hold my breath longer than you” contest, woke up on the lunch line floor, and then got called into he principal’s office. It’s a horn of plenty chock-full of anxiety!

Get your tickets now for this month’s Talk Therapy + Open Mic to see: Continue reading “Next Show: Sept 10 + Back to School”